When registering your Account, you would need to take your measures. You can update your measures at any time in your Profile (Account). By default, your profile size will be used. If you want specific measures for a dress or buy for another person, please use the product page Form.


Take a soft Meter and wrap around your body without stretching (for a comfortable fit, we will add length depending on the design). Measure:

  1. From lower neck to shoulder end
  2. Around the armpit
  3. From shoulder to bust, frontside
  4. Around the bust, at its largest
  5. Around the chest, right below the bust
  6. Inside your Bra Cup, from side to side
  7. From bust to beltline, frontside
  8. Around the upper arm
  9. From beltline to hip, frontside
  10. Around the hip, at its largest
  11. From beltline to knee, frontside
  12. From hip to the floor, frontside
  13. Around the neck
  14. From shoulder end to shoulder end, backside
  15. Around the upper chest, under the armpits
  16. From lower neck to beltline, central backside
  17. From shoulder to beltline, backside
  18. Around the waist
  19. From shoulder end to hand
  20. Around the wrist
  21. Around the thigh, at its largest
  22. From beltline over buttocks to ankle, backside

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